Dallas Tanning Lotions

Most people who tan on a regular basis understand the benefits and importance of always using a quality tanning lotion. They know that using such lotions will not only assist in maximizing the tanning results, but will also produce a healthier tanning experience.

Metro Tan offers the best tanning lotions Dallas has to offer. Customers come from all around the DFW area to purchase their high tech lotions. They offer a vast array of options. The knowledgeable staff members are always able to assist you in choosing the right tanning lotion to achieve your goals and for your particular skin type.

The variety of lotions that Metro Tan offers are especially designed for indoor tanning and are able to keep your skin healthy and hydrated throughout the entire tanning process. How do these lotions help your tanning experience to achieve maximum results? They help in two ways. First of all, skin that is healthy is easier to tan, and will allow the tan to stay longer. So when these lotions smooth out the surface of your skin, it allows greater exposure and penetration of the UV light. Secondly, many of these indoor tanning lotions possess specific ingredients, such as L-Tyrosine, that actually encourage your body to produce more melanin, resulting in a better quality of tan.

How do indoor tanning lotions help to create safer tanning? Many people are surprised to learn that many of the lotions have certain amounts of sunscreen that protect you from many of the UV rays. This prevents accidental over exposure and burning of the skin. It may take just a little bit longer in the beginning to build up your base tan if you are using a lotion with any sunscreen. But you will still eventually build up a beautiful sexy tan. Lotions also promote skin health by replacing any moisture lost during the tanning process that can result in damaged, dry skin. These specially formulated moisturizers will even be able to keep your skin moisturized during tanning and perspiration.

Don’t underestimate the value of quality tanning lotions. Metro Tan is standing by ready to assist you with all of your tanning needs.


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In indoor tanning, most salons put a limit on how long you may stay in a bed or booth, thus reducing the likeliness of a burn. Many salons also prohibit visiting the facilities in 2 consecutive days, to help reduce the likelihood of over-exposure.



When you start to notice your skin tanning, what is actually happening is a natural reaction. When exposed to UV light, melanocytes produce the pigment melanin.