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More and more people have discovered the beautiful glow of a dark, deep golden tan that comes from the convenience of indoor tanning. People will spend a lot of time and money and effort to accomplish that golden bronze look. The fashion world continues to evolve along with science and technology. This is true with various tanning innovations as well. With new products and procedures available as technology advances, many people have decided to jump on the Golden Bandwagon and take advantage of some of these new products to achieve that healthy dark glow.

The best way to try out one of these new products or services that are new to you, is to utilize a coupon or special. For instance, Metro Tan, one of Dallas’s leading state-of-the art trendy Tanning Salons, offers tanning coupons that include one (1) entire week of free tanning. They also have tanning lotion offers that include $10 off. These great specials allow you try the tanning experience risk free. Metro Tan also presents discounts on skin rejuvenation procedures such as the Beauty Lounge. If you have not tried this treatment yet, the one week free of the Beauty Lounge will allow you to experience the benefits of this new revolutionary Ergoline unit that stimulates the production of collagen for more youthful skin.

For those who are not ready yet to try indoor tanning, perhaps you would be more interested in airbrush tanning. Metro Tan offers a state-of-the-art airbrush tanning system called VersaSpa. This high tech unit provides a full body skin makeover in only minutes that leaves you with a dark glowing tan, and absolutely NO exposure to UV lights at all. This system is completely customizable and leaves you feeling totally pampered. It includes an anti-aging skin hydration formula that leaves your skin moisturized and healthy. If you would like to try this revolutionary new piece of equipment, then Metro Tan makes it easy by offering two sessions of VersaSpa for only $20! Watch the airbrush video on Metro Tan’s website for a visual demonstration of how the VersaSpa works.

Take advantage of these valuable offers, coupons and specials. Keep in mind that they can expire at any moment. If you have been thinking about trying indoor tanning, a new tanning lotion product, airbrush tanning, or a skin rejuvenation treatment, there is no better time than now!


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In indoor tanning, most salons put a limit on how long you may stay in a bed or booth, thus reducing the likeliness of a burn. Many salons also prohibit visiting the facilities in 2 consecutive days, to help reduce the likelihood of over-exposure.



When you start to notice your skin tanning, what is actually happening is a natural reaction. When exposed to UV light, melanocytes produce the pigment melanin.